Social believes that beautiful, well-planned events are the perfect atmosphere to foster relationships, community, and a ridiculous amount of fun. We unite design and planning to create freakin’ awesome space for connection through celebration.

Think that sounds awesome? Then we should be friends.

senior event stylist

Emily, or EK as we like to call her, was born and bred in the Queen City. You’ll often find her snuggled up with her kittens Nati & Nash, drinking delicious coffee made by her husband, running marathons and styling the heck out of their home. She has a thing for cooking up a delicious meal and isn’t afraid to invite others over to share in good conversation and a good beer around the table. Her love of intimate dinner settings and incredibly good food means she styles our events with beauty and grace. 

senior event coordinator

Kendra is a Cleveland native with a special place in her heart for the Great Lakes. A lover of detailed game plans and to-do lists, Kendra can usually be found gracefully shaping chaos into order, iced coffee and pink clipboard in hand. But don’t mistake her for stoic; well-versed in quips and snappy puns, this girl loves an indulgent dose of fun. Driven, independent, and spunky, Kendra firmly believes in eating gelato once a day, helping everyone, and changing her haircolor often. 

senior event designer

Emily moved to Cincinnati to chase her dream of becoming a graphic designer. Filled with design theories and ambition, this dreamer finds joy in creating events that are visually engaging. With a genuine passion for people, she has a huge heart for her family, friends and especially her husband & baby girl. Her adventurous spirit tends to take her to different cities and trying any and every new restaurant she can find. Want to be her best friend? Bring her a good cheese and beautiful flowers and she'll love you forever.